Kfc Swot Analysis

Topics: Africa, Fast food, Chicken Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: February 26, 2009
KFC SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis is an activity where a firm evaluates its most significant strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is key to capitalize it’s key strengths, overcome or alleviate its major weaknesses, avoid significant threats, and take advantage of promising advantages.

Strengths and weaknesses represent the firm’s internal capabilities. i.e. operating procedures, operating costs, human resources and strategic intent involved in producing its core products. Opportunities and threats originate from outside the organization. i.e. competition and poultry suppliers in the case of KFC.


1. KFC has the strongest brand in the fast food industry. This is pertinent to consumer loyalty and attracting the right sort of franchisee. This is pivotal to the success of the franchise. 2. The quality of food is a key strength to KFC. The quality is defined by the YUM! and controlled by the local franchisees. There is a global standard, with regard to the quality of the KFC meals. In South Africa the poultry producer for KFC is Rainbow chickens. It is a well establish firm and has considerable funding from Remgro, so continual improvements in breeding and general rearing techniques are easily afforded and hence the quality of the chicken supplied to KFC is of superior quality. 3. The KFC recipes allow for quick a processing time, which makes it all the more convenient and more attractive to prospective clients. 5. Due to the education levels in SA, a traditional franchising strategy is best as there is no room for an individual manager’s interpretation which could damage the KFC brand.

1. KFC predominantly cooks its chicken in vegetable oil called trans fats. This is an unhealthy method of cooking. It also uses genetically modified chicken, which is highly controversial amongst the educated and health conscience. People are more concerned with healthiness in food and higher quality of their food. 2. KFC’s...
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