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Nowadays, people will choose to have dinner outside more often, not just on some special days as in the past. This is all because more and more choices of restaurants opened in Sheffield, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Thai, Vietnam and the fast food restaurants are also been counted, McDonald, Burger King and KFC. People are tending to have fast food all the time, no matter is breakfast or dinner and tea, they will have them in fast food restaurant. (British Council)

I am going to talk about KFC as I worked before. Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC, a famous chicken chains restaurant, was introduced to Britain in 1965 and the first store was in Preston. Many more followed in 1986, following the worldwide acquisition of KFC by PepsiCo, it was announced that the British operation, KFC GB Ltd had become a joint venture – a company owned by Trust house Forte and PepsiCo. In January 1997, Tricon Global Restaurants and Tricon Restaurants International were founded and KFC became part of its group which is the world’s largest restaurant group with restaurants in nearly 100 countries in the world. If we combined with Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, there are nearly 30,000 restaurants worldwide. In 2002 Tricon changed its name to YUM! Brand Inc. Despite these changes in ownership, the strength of the KFC brand has seen the expansion of the UK & Ireland restaurant network to its current level of over 700 locations, some company operated and some franchised. The excellent growth of KFC in UK had also become a model for the KFC in Europe. (KFC1 )(Yum!) I started my KFC career as a crew member which I do most of the thing because I am a new member of staff. My duties are serving customers, cash handling, food preparing, stocking up and cleaning. After the probation was completed, I been trained up as a cook which is the most important job in KFC otherwise there will be no chicken sell to customers. Six months later, I was promoted to a shift manager which involved new duties to deal with, customers complains, stock count, cash to the bank, manage the time sheet (time the food can last for) and paper works.

There are lots of competitions in this industry, in order to survive in this industry, we need to know the internal and external factors which can improve our service.

It is the positive elements which is under control by us and can give us the edge in some areas over the other competitors: Strong Brand
Very Strong Internationally
Strong Trade Marks Recipes
Strong Cash Flows
KFC had a strong brand name across the world, there are around 14,800 KFC in more than 100 countries and serving more than 12 million customers. (KGB Answer). We do target in all different countries, Ireland, USA, India, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong……We have a secret original receipt on our menu which providing tasty and juicy chicken serving our customers. By having 12 million customers in all around the world, we have a very strong cash flow which generates 1 billion each year.

It is the thing that we need to improve for a better perform and this is also the thing which we are behind our competitor, on the other hand, stop to meet our objectives: Online Service
Limited Products
Over Franchising
Nowadays, there are lots of takeaway shops are providing internet service which people are easier to order their food at home rather than going to the shop. Those internet service can bring get more businesses because they do deliver to all area of customers around them and they can gain more money because they set up a minimum charge and delivery charge which force the customers to order a certain amounts. Moreover, even KFC in UK is providing an original receipt chicken but they are limiting their products by just selling it. They are not same as other take away which sell all kind of products like beef, fish or lamb. They had limited the choices for their customers by just...
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