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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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SERVICE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN KFC CHAINSTORES The purpose of this study is investigating the service quality of KFC chain stores and how the service quality affect customer satisfaction based on the theory of “service quality” and “customer satisfaction” and the Customer satisfaction survey in website: talktokfc.com. We do the literature reviewson some important concepts to make clearer about the service quality and the level of customer satisfaction in KFC chain stores in order to develop and improve them. 1. Service quality

2.1 . Definition of service quality
Service quality can be defined as “the collective effect of service performances which determine the degree of satisfaction of a user of the service” (Cambridge dictionary E.800). In other words, quality is the customer’s perception of a delivered service. However, it is not the only definition of “service quality”, there are many researchers who have defined this concept in different ways. For examples, Cronin and Taylor (1994) defined service quality as a form of attitude representing a long-run overall evaluation. While Parasuraman and Zeithaml (1985, p.48) view service quality as “ a function of the differences between expectation and performance along the quality dimension”. In this research, we focus on major customers in KFC fast-food restaurant, service quality is defined in term of “meeting or exceeding the expectations of the customer as if promised by the restaurant”. 1.2. Service quality in KFC and measurement.

It is very difficult to measure service quality because it is a subjective experience. Even if an employee or product performed exactly as intended, a consumer may be dissatisfied for another reason. In 1988, Parasuraman identified five dimensions ( cut down from ten dimensions in 1985) which are used to measure service quality called SERVQUAL : Tangibles: appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials:...
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