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Topics: Management, Henri Fayol, Scientific method Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: October 19, 2012
On 25th September 2012, I started my research in one of the most popular fast food restaurant which is KFC and it’s located in Tesco Nilai, Seremban. That day, I reached there around one o’clock in the afternoon and going to have my lunch at KFC also. I used to be there in afternoon as most of the customers or crowd will be there due to the lunch value in KFC. Tesco KFC was crowded and occupied with people as it was peak hours for lunch and most of them are workers from nearby shop lots in Tesco. When I’m having my meal, I started to investigate and observe the actual performance of all the employees including manager or others staff in order to determine the type of classical approach that we are going to discuss in this report. I will spend around 3 hours there in order to make an accurate observation for this report. Tesco KFC is just on our left hand side when we step into the front door of Tesco Nilai. This branch is considering a little bit smaller than other branches of KFC. In my observation, there were 5 counters placed in order to serve customers for order and payment. However, there was a huge crowd lining in front of it to make their orders. Some of them are queuing patiently while others may be annoyed because the queue was too long due to the limited counters are available. Later, manager came suddenly and he started to give command to the employees. He was standing behind the counter and guiding the female employees to serve the customers. After that, he walked into the kitchen and checked over all the machines. Few minutes later, he started to divide works for all the male employees whose are working inside the kitchen and the female employees are standing at the counter to serve customers. Based on Henri Fayol’s principle of management, division of work are applied in this case. This principle presented work specialization as the best way to use the human resources of the organization. All the employees focus on their own work and perform the...
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