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CII Institute of Logistics
PGDSCM & Certificate Programs
Assignment II – July-Dec 2009


Time : Three HoursMarks : 100
Part A

Answer all questions (20 x 1 = 20 Marks)

1. Which of the following is not a participant in consumer buying process? a) Initiators
b) Influencers
c) Users
d) Approvers

2. Which of the following is true about Pure Competition? a) Large number of sellers selling heterogeneous products b) A few sellers in the industry
c) Large number of sellers selling homogeneous products d) Single seller dominating the whole industry

3. While evaluating different market segments, a company need not look at a) Company Objectives & Goals
b) Segment Attractiveness
c) Market Growth
d) Segment measurability

4. Tata is positioning itself as one of the oldest companies and as pioneers in steel manufacturing in India. What is this positioning called? a) Attribute Positioning
b) Competitor Positioning
c) User Positioning
d) Application Positioning

5. A player who doesn’t react quickly to competitor’s moves is a) Stochastic Competitor
b) Idle Competitor
c) Tiger Competitor
d) Selective Competitor

6. Advertisements of Johnson & Johnson Baby products is an example to explain a) Demographic Segmentation
b) Geographic Segmentation
c) Psychographic Segmentation
d) None of the above

7. Which of the following are steps to identify market segments? a) Survey
b) Analysis
c) Profiling
d) All the above

8. When a firm sees its competitors as all companies selling similar products and fighting for the same consumer. Name the competition a) Brand Competition
b) Generic Competition
c) Industry Competition
d) Form Competition

9. Language, arts, music and religion form the basis for
a) Cultural segmentation
b) Demographical segmentation
c) Cross-cultural segmentation
d) Geographical segmentation

10. One of the critical factors that distinguish between product and services marketing is a) Heterogeneity of services
b) Transfer of ownership
c) Pre-purchase experiences
d) People factor assumes importance

11. Which type of differentiation is a company creating by offering features or performance not offered by competitors? a) Product Differentiation
b) Personnel Differentiation
c) Price Differentiation
d) Image Differentiation

12. The employees at HDFC Bank are always friendly, patient and pay good attention to customers. Among all the private banks, HDFC Bank has the best staff. What type of differentiation can HDFC use to gain competitive advantage? a) Product

b) Price
c) People
d) Promotion

13. Kalpana has bought a brand of soap, which she normally uses. Which type of buying behaviour is shown by Kalpana? a) Habitual buying behaviour
b) Complex buying behaviour
c) Dissonance Reducing buying behaviour
d) Variety seeking buying behaviour

14. Ravi and Radha are partners for life. Which are the following do they belong? a) Direct reference Group
b) Secondary reference Group
c) Peer Group
d) Social Group

15. Which of the following is not a psychological factor influencing the buyer behaviour? a) Personality
b) Perception
c) Learning
d) Motivation

16. Peter England brand caters to different segments with its flexible price range and offers a wide variety of colours and sizes for different customers. The strategy adopted by Peter England is a) Concentrated Marketing

b) Differentiated Marketing
c) Mass Marketing
d) Uniform Marketing

17. In direct and online marketing the channel that is used for communicating with the...
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