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Kentucky Fried Chicken

Project group 7

Frank Matthijssen-2047412
Huub van den Brok-2054266
Sanne Mengedé-2049575
Ingeborg Gommers-2020564
Tom van Onzenoort-2050171
Wu Sun-2047851
Akam Rezakhani-2050965
Volkan Öcal-2057526

Table of contents

The marketplace and customer needs3
Customer needs, wants and benefits3
Customer-driven marketing strategy4
Market Segmentation4
Differentiation or not?4
Value proposition5
Integrated marketing programme6
Conclusion / Customer relationships9
Appendix 1: Positioning map of the fast-food market11
Appendix 2: The three levels of a product11
Appendix 3: Possible value propositions12


Kentucky Fried Chicken, founded in 1952 by the company’s icon Colonel Sanders, is a chain of fast food restaurants with shops located all around the world. Since 1997 it is part of the major brand Yum!, which also owns PizzaHut and Taco Bell. KFC distributes their products in no less than 109 countries all around the world, located in six continents. Though 5,200 of their shops are located in the US, there are around three times as much shops located elsewhere, at which they serve 12 million customers every day all around the world, making it one of the most globally recognized brands in the world (KFC, About, 2011).

The purpose of this report is to get a clear insight in the marketing process of KFC. To get a clear overview on their marketing process the project is divided into several parts. The first chapter will give a description on the marketplace. This part will also include the needs, wants and demands of the customer, as well as the benefits for the company itself. The second chapter is about the customer-driven marketing strategy of KFC. It describes the market segmentation, the marketing strategies conducted by KFC, as well as the differentiation and positioning strategy of the brand.

The third chapter confines the main body of the report. It describes the marketing programme that has its purpose to deliver value to the target customer in order for KFC to attract enough customers. The marketing mix will describe the four P’s, which are the product, price, place and promotion used by KFC. The final chapter will be about the customer relationships.

Throughout this, a conclusion can be drawn on how KFC uses its marketing process to create value for the customer.

The marketplace and customer needs
The market of KFC can be described as the fast food market (KFC, 2011). Though for KFC this means concentrating, in comparison to its competitors, more on chicken based products (KFC-Menu, 2011). This creates an image for KFC as the place to go for chicken based fast food products. KFC has located their restaurants globally on A or C locations. A benefit of KFC is their brand recognition. KFC has more than 15,000 Units in 105 countries and territories around the world, with significant street visibility (Yum!, 2011).

Customer needs, wants and benefits
The customer is at KFC because he is in need for a quick meal. Why the customer chooses for KFC rather than another restaurant is because of what the customer wants. The customer wants to choose a product that provides the most satisfaction for their money. The customer wants to have a high accessibility for the restaurants, so that they will have as little travelling time as possible (Kotler, Principles of Marketing, 2008, pp. 8-9). The customer at KFC wants high-quality products, hygienic and affordable fast food in an array of complete mails (KFC, department, 2011).

The wants for high quality products leads to high quality control, meaning monitoring the quality weight, strength, consistency, colour, taste, reliability, finish, or any one of myriad of characteristics to ensure that the products meet the international...
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