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Topics: SWOT analysis, Technology, Economics Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: March 31, 2013
ESTEL Frame work:

In Macro environment there are many factors that will effect the decision making in any organisation. To overcome and analyse these factors organisation can categories it in to PESTLE model which is considered as below. The macro-environmental or external factors of KFC can be identified by using PESTLE analysis which stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal and Environmental.

Political factors:

This factor mainly deals with the government policies and procedures which is worked out through legislation and consists of all legal factors such as

How stable is the political environment?

Government position on market ethics

Government view on culture and religion

Government policy on Economy

Taxation policy on tax rates and incentives

These are some of the political factors that include legal issues, government implementations and define both the formal and informal rules under which the organization must be operated.

Economic factor:

KFC organization is affected with national and global economic factors such as Cost of labour, Interest and Inflation rates, Economic growth rates, Business cycle stage (e.g. recession, recovery) and Unemployment rates. Due to recession the income of the KFC has consistently dropped down and most of the employees were jobless and the rest employees were employed for very few hours also the organisation had to cut down their budget.

Social factor:

It includes the cultural and demographic aspects of the external macro environment. The potential of the employees who come from different back grounds and work together in the KFC and customer trends and aspect which the KFC has to consider as per their needs and wants of the customer such as changes in lifestyles, Level of education, Value in society, Demographics (age, sex, race etc.,) and Change in consumer needs and wants. The U.K people are mostly dependent of the fast food centres as they find very busy with their...
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