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Topics: KFC, Pizza Hut, Food Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: December 3, 2012
As part of our exploratory research, we have conducted a great deal of secondary research, in analyzing and understanding the limited available literatures or articles related to our research topic. Literature Review

International restaurants like- KFC, Pizza hut etc. are becoming more popular in Bangladesh for a many years as well as these restaurants are also famous outside the Bangladesh. But local restaurants are not popular as much as international restaurants are. We all know that, local restaurants are less expensive than the international restaurants which are operating their business in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, but the true fact is that international fast food restaurants usually comes to most of the people's mind when they plan to visit a restaurant for fast food which is bad signal for local fast food restaurants. When we asked them why they visit international restaurant, they said that the food items of international fast food restaurants are better than local fast food items. Finally, we get the result whether standard of local fast food restaurants depends mainly on food quality or not. We find that closely ninety- nine percent of respondents say that local restaurants must concentrate not only the food quality but also other different factor like service, price, location and environment of the restaurants. Significance of the research

From the company’s perspective this study will help SEBL to understand its position in terms of satisfying its customers. It will help them to know which service attributes are most important for the customers. They will be able to understand in which area of services SEBL lack most and thus improve the quality of their service. They will understand which customer groups are more potential. They will also be able to know which products of SEBL are mostly preferred by the customers. This study will also help other banks and service and financial organization to understand the factors that affect the...
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