Kfc Inventory and Process Management

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KFC Inventory And Process Management|
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Inventory Storage2

KFC Corporation is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the world's most popular chicken restaurant chain. KFC and its franchised employees are more than 200 thousand, all over the world. It is the world’s largest and most well known fast food restaurant preferably known as chicken restautants. Their restaurants are served in 109 countries and territories around the world. The study is done on a fast food restaurant and the analysis done on inventory management and process in kitchen. The study is restricted to KFC outlet present in Manipal. The purpose of the study was to understand the process of the organization and with the completion of this project we have learned that how operations Management Strategies plays very important role in achieving an organizational goals. The restaurant follows Just In Time (JIT) and First In First Out (FIFO) to manage inventory. Inventory, is divided into three types consisting of Daily, Weekly and Monthly inventory. The daily inventory consists fast moving products like Krushers, Non-veg items, ice-creams. Here the orders are placed by the inventory department every night after the restaurant closes for customers. The requirement sheets are filled inorder to place the order and products are moved from inventory. The weekly inventory consists of Dry storage items like disposal plates & equipments and recipes needed to cook. The requirement sheet is filled while placing order which is placed every Thursday and the products reach the outlet to the max by Monday or Tuesday. The monthly inventory consists of detailed stock verification of the items present in the store and the products disposed off due too non consumption on reaching the standard time are also recorded. The update of stock verification is done via website and once updated its final and no changes can be done by the staff, if in case there are changes they call up the head quarters and make the necessary changes. Logistics

The products/goods are transported from Bangalore warehouse via road transport. The outlet does not purchase from any other local dealers for any items. In regular process, the truck reaches the outlet on Monday or Tuesday between 9am to 11am. Before moving the products to storage the 3stage process is followed, at first the temperature is measured which should be between (-18oC to -23oC) , then expiry date of the product is verified and at last the quality of the product is checked via Tell-Through machine. At any point of the this 3steps any one step is not upto the standards the products are sent back to warehouse. In case of urgent stock from the time they place they take 2days to get the stock via courier. Inventory Storage

KFC implements different storage for different products consisting of dry storage, cold storage (frozen) for non-veg items, chill storage and cold storage for veg products. Dry storage consists of items like cleaning products, Disposable plates spoons towels, recipes etc. The products are stored at room temperature. Cold storage consists of veg products, cold drinks, water etc stored at temperature (-1oC to -4oC). Cold storage fr non- veg products are stored at temperature (-180C to -23oC) wher the product validity is 6months. Older batches are placed at the front. Items are placed in simple rack system and fast moving items are placed in a such manner that they are easily...
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