Kfc in Nepal

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KFC in Nepal

“KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in Original Recipe, and Colonel’s Crispy Strips® chicken with home style sides and new freshly made sandwiches.” Everyday nearly, KFC serves eight million people in the world with the same old crispy crunchy recipe Sander developed more than half century ago. With their old recipe they are moving ahead in more than 300 countries serving their mouth watering dishes. The mission statement of “to be leader in western style through serving quality food, friendly service and clean atmosphere” has led KFC to grow their industry in the foreign market. So KFC has to standby to prove them to be number 1 in the market. They had set many strategies and faced tough competition to be able to stand in the market which definitely proved to be fruitful for them.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) based in Louisville, Kentucky is one of the leading fast food industries in the world. The origination of KFC goes to “Harland sanders in 1930s” who started cooking and serving foods for the hungry travelers who passed the way of his place in Kentucky, US. In the beginning he did not have place to serve his customers so he used his service station living quarters to serve the food. The secret recipes of cooking chicken with the mixture of 11 herbs and spices and frying the chicken under pressure made him famous in Kentucky. The unique taste of crispy chicken attracted the customer that people started stopping by just to eat. “As more people started coming just for food, he moved across the street to a motel and restaurant that seated 142 people.” As the business started picking up it became hard for sanders to operate the business smoothly because of its expansion so he decided to franchise its unique concept of foods.

“In 1964, at the age of 74, Harland Sanders finally agreed to sell the business in exchange for US$2 million and a promise of a lifetime salary. The sale of the business to John Brown, a 29-year old Kentucky lawyer, and his financial backer, Jack Massey 60, was accompanied by the assurance that Sanders would maintain an active role in both product promotion and quality control of the new venture.” KFC got the extreme growth with such aggressive manager and within the next five years, sales of KFC grew by an “average of 96 per cent per year, topping $U5200 million by 1970”. This same year almost 1,000 new stores were built, the vast majority by franchisees. “With such kind of expansion in the business, KFC is now the collaborated with Yum brands Inc, which includes pizza hut, Taco bell and Long John’s Silver.” It has more than 14000 restaurants in more than 18 countries making it one of the best fast food chains in the world with its delicious recipe of fried chicken.

KFC has gained top market position both domestically and internationally. The main vision statement of KFC is “to protect, promote and advance the mutual interests of all member franchisees and the Kentucky Fried Chicken system” along with consistently providing excellent quality and services, commitment of innovation with the target of being number 1 in the market, and provide superior financial returns and benefits to all of its members and employees. With the global expansion and motto of “no stopping”, KFC targeted Nepal as well with the position of leading “WSQR (Western Quick Service Restaurant) chain” for providing quality goods and services.

Nepal is one of the smallest countries in the world with the population of around 28,676,547. Most of the people here are Nepalese of Indo-European and Tibetan-Nepalese. People here speak Nepali as their 1st language, English and other language depending upon the ethnic group they belong to. Nepal is the country rich in its religion, culture and tradition. Main religions they follow are Hinduism followed by Buddhists, Muslims and Christian. It is said to be one of the least developed...
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