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肯德基在中国最强大的对手是麦当劳。麦当劳这个全球最大的快餐连锁品牌1990年在深圳解放路开出了第一家门店,在1997年时两个品牌的门店数还在伯仲之间,但2000年后肯德基迅速将对手甩在了身后。麦当劳中国的首席执行官Jeff Schwartz刚刚宣布,麦当劳2008年最少要在中国市场新开125家店。但肯德基今年的开店数量预计超过500家。目前麦当劳在国内的门店数量不足千家。 肯德基在中国市场上抛弃了所谓的“标准化”,善于本土化和创新成为其优势。它推出了多不胜数的中国特色产品,从畅销至今的芙蓉鲜蔬汤到后来的老北京鸡肉卷、嫩春双笋沙拉、番茄蛋花汤、川香辣子鸡、香菇鸡肉粥、枸杞南瓜粥、鸡蛋肉松卷和油条,多不胜数。很多人就此说国内的肯德基不正宗,但吃过美国肯德基的人会说,那真的很难吃。目前肯德基一年会推出20多个新品种.   而麦当劳在中美市场上都坚持以牛肉为主。虽然后来也推出了只有中国市场才有的麦辣鸡翅、麦辣鸡腿堡和板烧鸡腿堡等本土化产品,但其在中国缺少了一个如百胜集团中国事业部那样拥有充分灵活的自主权的管理部门 As we can see, the reason for this difference lies in two aspects. First of all, market orientations and targets of K's and M's are different. KFC, once landed in China, spread its business rapidly throughout the country. It pays attention to its development in quite a number of Chinese cities, big and small. By now, KFC has more than 1,000 restaurants in China, becoming the No.1 fast food brand. On the contrary, M's mainstream-city strategy put the focus of its business in metropolis, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and has not yet reached smaller cities. That's why a lot of children recognize Captain Sanders' smile, but don't know who Uncle MacDonal is.  

KFC's another competitive edge is that it serves more kinds of food than MacDonald's. Averagely speaking, KFC, best known for its fried chicken, has been launching one new product every month since it came to China. And the majority of these new food are localized, so as to meet Chinese people's eating habits. For example, while Americans eat New Orleans chicken rolls, we eat Old Beijing chicken rolls; while Americans make coca go with hamburgers, we enjoy Fresh Vegetable Soup and traditional Chinese congee with sliced eggs and beef. It is wise for KFC to make perfect integration of globalization and localization. In comparison, Uncle MacDonald seems to have less innovative power. A few years ago, MacDonald's range of products was really narrow. Only when M realized that it was losing benefits to KFC did it decided to develop new products. But even...
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