Keyword Research & Copywriting for Search Success

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• Everything can be optimized with Keywords
• KW research - process to identify phrases search users enter into a search box to find your services or products
• Engines use text to categorize pages = relevance this then leads to ranking within your categories
• Increase conversions by speaking the customer's language
• Correct bad KW choices -- missing traffic and missing sales
• Discover new KW opps -- overlooked or new KWs; take advantage of longer tail terms

"duplicate a CD' versus "burn a CD"

The Long Tail - new economic model that sites like Amazon and iTunes use where they prursue non-hot terms

Popular phrases are highly competitive and expensive

Camera/digital camera/sony -- compare digital cameras -- buy digital slr camera -- nikon 559ls long lens

Cosntant cycle:
• Brainstorming & discovery
• Keyword expansion
• Keyword evaluation

Site logs for converting KWs 85%
Site logs for frequent KWs 54%
Internal site search 46%
Competitors' sites 36%
Competitive intelligence tools 34%
Exploring long search phrases 31%
Socialsemantinc mining 15%
??? 15

Good to capture exact phrases, but recent change with Google where they won't give referrer KWs for organic search users. Will now say "not provided" Alternatives:
• Look at G KWs for people not logged in
• Look at traffic on Bing b/c they still give referrer info
• Look at old data if youhave it
• PPC -- test phrase performance
• Inference -- look at top pages in analytics and see phrased for those pages and where they are ranking for optimized terms

Site Search Box
• Reveals KW and expression visitors are actually using
• Acts as a direct feed from site users
• Gives insight into relative popularity
• Can follow visitors path and see if site content converts

Test your site search and don't allow competitor ads to show -- may need to buy version of site search rather than using free version

• KW lists from within company
• Review company web site and collateral
• Press releases
• Be wary of insider jargon
• Determine if these use customer's lingo

• Customer interviews
• Customer surverys and focus groups
• Talking with support or sales who talk directly with customers • Review discussion forums, user generated content, blogs and social media

Look at online and rint magazines
Company and product reviews
Online thesauraus
Search for synonyms online with "~"

• Review web sites and collateral for KWs
• Loat at PPC KWs
• What terms are they targeting in SEO

KW Research Tools
• Saves time and money
• Provides insight beyond your site
• identifies opps you might have missed
• Offers info you can't get through your analytics

• G KW Tool
• G Webmaster Tools
• MSFT adCenter Add-in for Excel

1/4 used G KW tool as primary tool
• Important to log in to get more data and local trends
• Will provide column options -- new column for G search network • For SEO, check "exact" match
• Can do KW research for mobile that's a different data set than the default/desktop search terms • Can enter URL and it will return list of relevant KW

Google Hot Trends
• Great for editorial calendar creation

• Google insights -- addicting tool that allows you to look at trends
• KW populary varies
• Provides demographic info on countries and states

• G Contextual Tool - builds themed KW lists - text version of the Wonderwheel • Great for KW expansion and lateral thinking

KW Discovery -- has a number of different databases -- data pulled from meta search engines
Eliminates most skewing issues caused by robots

Wordstream -- more recent tool

Google instant -- shows results as you type within the search page. Trying to give you results as you type • Pay attention to the suggestions provided because people will often jump to one of those -- will see a lift in traffic for those phrases

Looka t G Product Search because it's different...
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