Keystone Pipeline

Topics: United States, Petroleum, Transport Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Billy Fitzgerald3-13-12
Keystone Pipeline
The Keystone Pipeline is a system that transports oil from Canada into the U.S. The owner of this Pipeline is TransCanada, who proposed the idea back in October of 2005. However, the construction on the Pipeline didn’t go under way until 2008. It took TransCanada over two years to acquire all the necessary state and federal permits for the pipeline. The pipeline runs for over 2100 miles, through a number of states and provinces throughout the United States and Canada. There is said to be many advantages of having this pipeline; such as an increase in revenue for the U.S. and Canadian economies. It’s supposed to open a countless amount of jobs and is said to have economic and national security advantages. However, many have argued that the pipeline should not exist due to its negative effect on the environment and will reduce our energy security.

Although many believe that the pipeline should be abolished, I am pro-pipeline. I feel as though our environment is going to burn out and ruin one day very soon regardless of the pipeline. Yes, the pipeline will speed this process up; but the fact is that it’s going to happen sooner than later anyway and we need to get this oil while it’s as readily available as it is now. Oil sands will be produced whether the pipeline is a go or not. Developing these oil sands for the U.S market will produce much fewer carbon emissions than compared to other options. The proposition is to ship the oil sands down to Texas, which I think is a great idea. If we don’t ship the oil sands to Texas, they will be shipped to China and will require much more energy. Also, Texas refineries are some of the most efficient and cleanest in the world.

Others say that the pipeline will create the possibility of enormous oil leaks and destroy eco-systems. Of course there is the “possibility” of a leak, but we need to remember that the U.S already had tens of thousands of miles of pipelines...
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