Keys to Successful Teaching

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Teaching is one of the most wonderful and most rewarding careers there is. Teaching is also one of the most demanding careers, and many novice teachers find themselves tired and overwhelmed. In order to become an effective teacher, one should learn the keys to successful teaching:


A good teacher is always prepared. Be sure to have lesson plans for the whole classroom activities. Students should have a warm-up activity before entering main lesson. This activity can be a review or an extension of a previous lesson. This will give the teacher time to engage in students' understanding of the lesson. The more prepared the lesson is, the more successful the teaching learning process will be.

Show Enthusiasm for Teaching
Be enthusiastic. Sadly, there are so many teachers who act like they don't even like students. They are more interested in their content than in the actual teaching of it. Be enthusiastic and energetic. Teaching is all about helping students learn and grow.

High Expectations

One of the main qualities of an effective teacher is having high expectation for the students. A teacher should always strive to raise the standards of the students. It should be communicated to them that their best is expected at all times. A good teacher always motivate their students to reach their best achievements. The teacher’s expectations will be one of the most important factors in student achievement.


It is extremely important that a teacher be fair. There should be no obvious certain favorite student. All students should be made to feel they are important and they are special. The teacher must be sure to treat all students the same in the same situation. There is no exception. To be a successful teacher, one must be a fair teacher


A good teacher is flexible. The world and the classroom are always changing.
Teaching is not for everyone. It takes more than just transferring knowledge and...
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