Keys to Success for Effective Project Planning

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  • Published : December 24, 2011
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Keys to Success for Effective Project Planning

Business success can be accomplished many different ways. Generally the easiest and most cost effective way to accomplish change and success in an organization is via the bottom up approach. The reason for this is when an organization involves its workers in any change or improvements, the employees gain a sense of pride or a feeling of ownership. This reasoning stems from personal experiences and observations. In two thousand and three, Best Buy went through a type of change to stay in the “big box” market and make a profit where other companies like Circuit City failed. They facilitated a bottom up approach, and incorporated the employees company wide. This paper will take a look at what causes companies to be successful and some of the tactics they use.

Keys to Success for Effective Project Planning
The keys to success for effective project planning are the same keys that make businesses successful. The trick is being flexible and finding out what is best for the market at that time. Joe Britton, the CEO of Sugar Ventures, wrote an article called “Keys to Success in Business”. In the article, he lays out five steps that he believes are essentials in building and maintaining a prosperous business. The five steps are as follows: “develop good ideas, work smart, surround yourself with great people, be frugal, and execution”.

One or more of the keys can be found in the articles written to emphasize the key components to an effective project planning. The article on the Harris Corporation hit on almost every aspect of Joe Britton’s model. Their idea was planned in a roadmap which showed the various levels of development and how the process will progress. The working smart portion is covered when the engineering department started a “lean product development initiative”. The overall plan with the lean production, set the ground work for the company to become number one in the...
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