Key to Success

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  • Published : November 23, 2011
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Key to Success

What is education? According to the Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English it is defined as “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university and the theory and practice of teaching”. In my opinion success requires not only formal education but the positive attitude, drive and vision through informal education.

What is formal education? It is the interaction between students and a teacher that is required for a student to obtain some sort of people pursue formal education in the hope that obtaining a degree or certificate will open the window of opportunity, help them gain social status and financial security. Education obtained in school teaches essential skills for the working world and it changes and mold behaviour of an individual so that the person will become a responsible for member of society. Two years ago, one of my teachers said “To be a productive member in our society, you need to get a formal education”. This statement seems to be true when one considers that we live in a complex and competitive society; many jobs are unavailable to those without an education. For example, in order to be a nurse, a person needs a nursing certificate from a recognized educational institution and pass the national board exam to get a license to work. However, is formal education the only way to success?

Most of us believe that education from school is more important than the education obtained outside an institution. Our society thinks that receiving a diploma or degree is the necessary first step towards success. However, some of the world’s most famous and wealthiest billionaires are college dropouts. For instance, the youngest billionaire in the world, Mark Zuckerberg, dropped out from Harvard University and later co-developed Facebook. Obviously, his success did not happen overnight, but through his personal belief in what he was doing and his passion for computer...
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