Key Success Factors:

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Key success factors:

Google has, since its inception, a policy of acquiring fully controlled by acquiring companies with strong growth potential, like Blogger, DoubleClick or YouTube.

The technological adaptation and innovation are one of the core businesses of Google (like the computer auction system introduced by the company to manage advertising content), the ability of the company to innovate and offer new services and tools is indeed a key factor of success. In 2008, Google hold fourty services and tours, like Google Chrome, Google Earth, Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Picasa…

From the financial analysis, we can see that Google has a significant financial capacity to pursue its acquisition policy, and allowing at the same time establish an innovative management system access on the initiative including the 20% of the time, conditions very nice work , the 10 principles of Google’s corporate philosophy among other.

The company has succeeded to monetize millions of Internet users through all its business areas. This ability to monetize a service by Google is a real strength for this group access to innovation.

The company works in collaboration with the users of its services (whether open source or not) to optimize and based on feedback and opinions of them to create new products that meet their needs.

Google has managed to establish a system based on free user and thus to target all users of the Internet world. Access to this wealth of users through its free services is one factor that allowed the group to grow rapidly.
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