Key Result Areas of a Vehicle Manufacturing Company

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Organizational design and structure of any organization:

The structure of an organization determines the ease with which the work flows through it. As a result, many a times it is the structure of an organization that makes or breaks the company. A well tuned structure imparts stability to the organization and also brings in improved clarity in communication and reduces the role conflicts that may arise.

The organization structure gives definite shape to the organization. It specifies division of work activities and shows how different functions are linked to each other. The structure also indicates the organization's hierarchy and reporting relationships. A good organizational structure increases the productivity of a company, hence it is important to have a well-defined and transparent organizational structure.

Key Result Areas of the organization:

A number of divisions are responsible for the overall functioning of TKM. The various divisions at TKM can be broadly divided into manufacturing divisions and the non manufacturing divisions. The various departments of the manufacturing department are intentionally located in the ground floor of the plant facility as part of TKMs overall strategy due to its close proximity to the shop floor, all the other divisions are housed in the first floor.

Manufacturing division of an organization:

Quality control division
Plant administration division
Production division
Quality assurance division
Plant engineering and services division

Non manufacturing division of an organization:

General administration division
Finance and accounting division
Purchase division
Marketing division
Human resource
Imports and exports
Indian project office
Information system
Dealer development
Customer services
Conversion & accessories
Corporate planning and legal
Customer relation
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