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Q.1] Describe in your own words why & how Management is relevant to all walks of life. Give suitable examples wherever possible. ANS: To understand why & how management is important, we must have to understand definition of the management. “Management is Planning, Organising, Directing and Co-ordinating support by leadership, communication, motivation and morale.” In other words “management is manage-men-tactfully.” Thus management helps us in planning the goal, organising the plant, direction to achieve goal with co-ordination within workers through manager, who leads the company, motivates workers and maintain high morale.

Management relevant to human life-
In day to day life we all use management unknowingly. As a student, as a worker, as a manager, as a businessman, no matter what profession it is, but everybody follows management. Now for example, as a student, particular student has an objective to get good marks in exams, to accomplish this objective he study hard, he plans his time table, follow that time table, due to some reasons if he fails to follow a time table, then he gives extra time to study, thus what student does is ‘trying to manage study and his own day to day routine. This is some part of management.

Those students who don’t manage their studies, they can’t even manage to pass their exams. As they didn’t plan their time table, so at the time of exams, they feel more burden of study on them, thus due to depression, they couldn’t concentrate on studies, and thus they may get poor result. That’s why management is so important in day to day life.

Management is combination of Art, Science and Profession. It is an art, because management must have that creativeness to energize the subordinates, It is a science, because it has its own functions upon which management is based on, and it is a profession as every manage-

-ment is autonomous and it can make independent judgments about their work. Management is a systematic way of doing any activities. Management is relevant in every where in day to day life
For example: Let’s consider a married woman lived in Mumbai. As the inflation is increasing day by day, it is necessary to her to do a job. Now she played the role of wife, mother, daughter in law, as well as employee. Here management is very important to her. She has to look after her husband, also she has to take care of her children, their education, nurturing them, and also she has to take care of her father in law, mother in law, as both are old persons. Apart from her home she is employee of some company, so she has another load of her job. She manages every thing just because of proper management. She wake up early in the morning, cook food for her family, then she had to catch up the train, get into office, again back to home at evening, cooking food for dinner. Really very hectic schedule, but she handles everything with smile on her face just because of proper time management. She has to manage her work with time. As Mumbai’s life is very fast. She has to be precise with the time.

Every human being has management skill, but very few of them develop their skill and make most of it. Actually it is continuous process; in management co-ordination is most important factor. Because if there is no co-ordination, the management will be mess. Co-ordinations is required when work is divided into specialized departments. It is largely depends upon direct interpersonal horizontal relationship. Co-ordination is also continuous process which also carried out at all the time. Thus management also teach us to how to co-ordinate with each other. We can say that co-ordination includes- Co-operation, Balancing, Timing, Communication, Integration and Synchronisation. If one of them is absent, co-ordination is not possible. Mumbai’s Dabbawala(Marathi: डबेवाला) is best example of co-ordination management.

This service was originated in 1880. In 1890, Mahadeo Havaji Bachche, started a...
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