Key Goals in Social Studies

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  • Published: November 7, 2011
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Identify the four main key goals is Social Studies and select one goal and discuss how you would use it in the teaching Social Studies.

According to the (National Council for the Social Studies, USA, 1993 & 1994) Social Studies is define as the integrated study of social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence. Social studies also contribute to effective development of the learner by increasing personal and social awareness, and placing emphasis on values as well as on social and interpersonal relationships. In addition, it offers young people the opportunity to recognize the significance of their experiences as they seek to understand more about themselves and become more aware of the complex social relationships of which they are apart. The key goals of Social Studies, and how any one goal can be used in the teaching of the subject. Fostering attitudes and identifying values, this is the development of beliefs, values, attitudes and actions. Beliefs are a descriptive statement about one thing or a statement about a relationship between two things which a person holds to be true. Values are ends or ideals which are held by a person. They are the standards are codes which direct our actions. It is necessary to distinguish between instrumental values which show you how to behave that is, which direct your ideal mode of conduct and those which define your end goals in life. Attitudes which are directly derived from values, they are feelings expressed as preferences, beliefs influence our values determine your attitudes which will result in a particular action. The teaching of Social Studies places a heavy emphasis on the teaching of developing skills; it is divided into two main groups’ intellectual skills and social skills. An intellectual skill refers to mental, cognitive and academic skills, intellectual is sub-divided into two areas research skills for deciding on what information is necessary and skills of critical thought for analyzing and interpret the information, while social skills are human relations skills which are needed for effective functioning in a group. They imply a concern for the feelings of others in the group and can be taught effectively by group work experiences which require participants to cooperate with others to achieve common goals. Establishing knowledge and understanding is the need to have basic information or facts. These facts will be applied in many situations and provide the base for developing concepts and generalizations. “Hilda Taba believes that student’s makes generalization only after information is organized. She also believed that students could be led toward making generalizations through concept development and concept attainment strategies. According to Taba, the best way to deal with increase in knowledge is to emphasize the acquisition, understanding and use of ideas and concepts rather than fact alone” (2011). The development of pupils ability to learn concepts and to formulate generalizations about human affairs is one of the key goals of a Social Studies teacher. It is important that the teacher be able to select what facts, concepts and generalization he or she expects any particular group of pupils to learn. Promoting social participation this is the promotion of social activities for individuals to be a part of being democratic and getting involved in. knowledge help pupils gain understanding of major issues and problem in their local, national and global communities. Values and attitudes, help persons develop sensitivity to the problems of society and the motivation and commitment to actively participate in solving them. Skills provide persons with the skills for identifying and solving problems. Social Studies provide knowledge, skills and attitudes which support social participation in the classroom. Fostering attitudes and identifying values should be taught to students in letting them understand the importance of...
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