Key Factors That Have Been Identified as Contributing to Effective Managerial Performance.

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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This report is to consult a range of sources of information to investigate and report on the key factors that have been identified as contributing to effective managerial performance.

According to the Harvard Business Review: What makes a leader, effective leaders are alike in some crucial way, they will all have a high degree of emotional intelligence and they understand their workers, they know how to get them in commitments. No matter how talent how smart a person is, without these he won’t become a great leader. The leaders need to be self-aware in order to fully understand their moods, emotions and what their impact to others is. It should be combined with self-regulations which are the ability to control and redirect all your bad moods, to talk simple, it is to think before you act. As manager is the top of a company, his actions influencing not only himself, but also other employees. Therefore, managers need to think more twice before they act. Apart from the manager’s emotion, the employees’ one is an important issue to concern as well. They will need to be motivated so have passions to work for reasons other than money or status. With this intelligence, the company can pursue goals effectively with energy and persistence. Therefore, a knowledge of major theories of motivation such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, Herzberg's two factory theory, McClelland's need theory, theory X and theory Y, and expectancy theory of motivation is essential (Stoner & Freeman, 1992). Manager should understand the emotional makeup of other people then treat people in different ways according to their emotional reactions. This could help managers to find commons of the workers and effectively joining them in groups.

“As much as you need a strong personality to build a business from scratch, you also must understand the art of delegation,” says Richard Branson. As stated before, good management didn’t determine by how clever a person is, of course managers...
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