Key Enabling Technologies: Micro- and Nano-Electronics, and Photonics

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By Ferdinand Maija Sako

Key Enabling Technologies
Micro and Nanoelectronics and Photonics

Key enabling technologies (KETs) as defined through the European Commission: * are research & development-intensive
* are capital-intensive
* require a highly-skilled work force
* are subjected to rapid innovation cycles.
Due to their multi-disciplinary and trans-sectoral characteristics and their trend to convergence and integration at the industrial deployment level they are often emerging and converging technologies.

This working report analyses horizontal aspects of KETs and how to enhance their innovative output. Six key enabling technologies were chosen, microelectronics,industrial biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, photonics, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing. Tasks are to identify commonalities restricting the deployment of KETs in Europe and to make recommendations how to enhance technological research in their fields and how to enable subsequent stages of "proof of concept" demonstrators and a large scale deployment for production in Europe. The previous stage of work by the High Level Group on Key Enabling Technologies contained vertical analyses of KETs and extracted commonalities. In the mid-term report a picture was sketched containing a “valley of death” between applied research and the production “ramp-up” stages after prototyping. This gap in the innovation chain was identified to be specifically severe (i.e.: wide) in Europe. A socalled three-pillar-bridge was suggested as a way forward. Pillar 1 addresses how to enhance technological research (this working group 3). Pillar 2 addresses how to facilitate pilot lines, demonstrators and prototyping (working group 4). Pillar 5 addresses how to stimulate large-scale production production in Europe. This “three-pillar-bridge” is also referred to as the “KET innovation bridge”. Excellent Technological Research distinguishes itself by

* being excellent
* being relevant
* having strong impact potential
To address these item distinguishes excellent technological research from fundamental research. Budgets are limited by principle. Obviously, to enhance Technological Research European-wide programs will need to leverage other financial sources: private/commercial funding including venture capital schemes, national funding and regional funding. Funding at the European or global level must add the “European value”, i.e.:

* create critical mass and overcome fragmentation (coordinate Europe-wide) * stimulate transnational collaboration in Europe (create a fundament for synergies) * encourage deployment in Europe.

Any new tool in the CSFRI to enhance technological research must look for the maximum leverage effect and this must be a continuous assessment of success.

More detailed analysis presented in Figure 10, comparing separately the top ten EPO/PCT patents ranking for R&D organisations and compagnies based on the number of patents they filled in Europe between 2000 and 2007, demonstrably indicates that whilst Europe has considerable leadership in the R&D domain, it has more difficulties to transform this knowledge in marketable products to sustain and / or build top ten ranking companies in each KET sector.

Cellular phone or mobile phone has been one of the most used communication devices, beside fixed phone and internet telecommunication. As a matter of fact, the mobile phone users highly depend on the mobile phone on their daily activity, yet On the other side, the use of local electricity to power mobile phones increases the fossil fuel consumption since the main source of energy for our current local electricity is the fossil fuel. Furthermore, the use of fossil fuel has become major highlight in climate change issue as it emits carbons dioxide that causing glass house effect on earth. The needs for environmental friendly of power source led...
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