Key Elements of Profesionalism and Ethics (Fazilatun Nisha)

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Professionalism and ethics – what is it?

I personally believe professionalism and ethics are two things that complement each other. Professionalism involves good knowledge, where as ethics involves commitment to teaching this knowledge un-biased. To be a professional teacher is to have good judgement as well as good Knowledge. A few essential points on being a professional involve; having a specialised knowledge in your chosen profession, knowing and utilising the essential skills to be used, being compassionate, being able to reflect on your work and see that what you are doing is making an impact, being able to go back and evaluate key skills and to revise them to stay up to date with your methods of teaching and one of the main points, being able to share this knowledge with your students. In reference to ethics a professional teacher would not get their emotions involved, each child should be treated fairly and equally not being biased as to where one child is a favourite where another gets a lack of attention. This is where ethics compliments a professional teacher, being able to keep the school place a fun and educational place as well as a non-biased environment for the students. Although each child has a different background no parent would want their child to be treated differently because of this, a teacher will treat the children equally as well as educate them. A distinct reflection from when I was in primary school would be when i was in year 2, my teacher was very kind yet he was very professional at the same time involving each student in class discussions and sharing the questions around allowing us to discuss as a group before we came to a conclusion. Conclusively, to be a professional teacher involves ethics; with the use of ethics a professional teacher is knowledgeable and un-biased.
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