Key Components - Robert Frost Poetry

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  • Published : June 2, 2012
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Language – text (forms and features)
Mending Wall – Frost’s use of the wall as an extended metaphor represents the division between the neighbours, but ironically, is the thing that draws them together, “We keep the wall between us as we go.” The wall separates them, but the use of the word ‘us’ illustrates their connection. Therefore, the wall illustrates the boundaries of human interaction that people create on life’s journey, as well as learning to accept people’s different perspectives.

The Wood Pile – The wood pile, “And piled and measured, four by four by eight,” illustrates the structure and conformity the Industrial Revolution has placed on society. However, its decay exemplifies the futility structure has contributed to the modern world. This use of the wood pile as a vehicle for self-realisation and critique upon society illustrates the benefits of a natural, secluded setting on a physical journey.

The Road Not Taken – The use of the two paths to represent conflicting choices on the persona’s particular journey in nature can be broadened to the struggles associated with decision-making in life’s journey. It also illustrates the guilt, “I shall be telling this with a sigh,” that people feel after a choice is made, and how people must learn to live spontaneously and accept their judgement.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Twain uses the Missisippi River as a symbol of the freedom gained by escaping from society into a natural environment on a physical journey. The stark contrast of the Romantic diction associated with this environment, ‘lovely’ and ‘smiling’, with the contemptuous words, ‘death’ and ‘dogfight’ used to describe society, helps convey the benefit of seclusion in nature for a journeyer.

Interrelationships among tests – linking core poems to additional text Mending Wall – Psychological growth is triggered in different ways in these texts. In Mending Wall, the persona relies on the seclusion in nature and self-reflection to...
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