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Keppel Land takes pride in being a
good corporate citizen through
upholding best practices in all its
business operations. By championing
charitable causes and encouraging
active employee volunteerism,
Keppel Land aims to contribute and
enrich lives of the communities
where it operates.
These initiatives are spearheaded by the
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
committee and led by Keppel Land’s
Group Chief Executive Offi cer.
Keppel Land believes in giving back to
society. To encourage staff volunteerism,
employees are entitled to two days of
volunteerism leave each year to engage
in meaningful community activities.
2011 was a busy year for
Keppel Volunteers. A Group-wide
initiative, Keppel Volunteers is
made up of employees from different
business units who come together
with the same goal of helping the
less fortunate.
Employees of Keppel Land participate
and support monthly activities for
the Group’s adopted charity,
the Association for Persons with
Special Needs (APSN). These activities
are specially tailored to inculcate
essential social skills for APSN
members to integrate into society.
These activities include participating
in the National Day Parade and the
3.5-km Earth Hour Night Walk
at Marina Bay.
To provide a better learning
environment for APSN students,
Keppel Volunteers renovated and
improved the facilities and amenities
at the Chaoyang School.
In the spirit of Christmas, a bake
sale was organised in December 2011,
where staff purchased festive
cookies made by members of APSN.
APSN members also joined in
Keppel Land’s annual Christmas Party
held at Singapore Botanic Gardens,
where they sold handicrafts and
paintings at an eco-bazaar.
With a keen focus on education as
part of its CSR journey, Keppel Land
aims to equip promising young
individuals with lifelong skills by
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