Kentucky Adult Corrections: Inmates with Mental Health Issues and the Facilities

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  • Published: March 10, 2003
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Kentucky Adult Corrections: Inmates with Mental Health Issues and the Facilities

The mission of the Kentucky Department of Corrections is twofold:

To protect citizens of the Commonwealth and to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out mandates of the legislative and judicial process; and

To provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior?

The Kentucky Inmate Population Profile:

*Median age 33 years

*Median sentence 9 years

*93% male, 7% female

*38% violent, 24% property, 21% drug, 11% sex, and 6% other

*42% Originate from Jefferson, Fayette, and Kenton counties

*61% while, 38% black, 1% other

Kentucky Inmate Program:

*80% of all inmates are eligible to perform work in prison or community


*Approximately 5,000 inmates are enrolled in educational programs; ABE, GED, vocational and college.

*Approximately 120 inmates work 6, 194 acre farm program

*Approximately 750 inmates work in industry operations

*98 males and 18 females completed Boot Camp program in '98 fiscal year.

*800 felons enrolled statewide in Substance Abuse Program (SAP)

*800 felons enrolled statewide in Sexual Offenders Treatment Program (SOTP)

*3,600 received mental health treatment each month

Kentucky Institution Data as of 4-1-99:

*2,665 total staff currently employed, 298 vacancies as of 4-1-99

*1,785 security staff employed, 198 vacancies

*12 state operated and 3 privately operated prisons

*Average age of state prison facilities are over 50 years old

*Total felon count at 4-14-99 was 14,935

*Fiscal year of '98 average system cost of incarceration was 440.14 per inmate each day

The Department of Corrections is broken into various appropriations of: correctional management, adult institutes, community's services, parole officers and probation officers, local jails, and juvenile services.

Based on monthly figures for the 98-99 year the population of inmates of Kentucky: 11,285 institutional 2,755-community service center, and 17,494 probation and parole.


One in 150 Americans are now serving time in a prison or jail in 1998. The prison population has doubled in the past 12 years. Advocates on both sides of the prison debate thinks that the minimum mandatory sentencing especially drug crimes, is the main reason for the prison boom.


As of 2-14-00, America has one fourth of the world's prison population despite having less than 5% of the world's population. The prison population hit the 2,000.000 on 2-15-00 and was projected to add another 73,969 to the total by the end of the year. There is 50% of the black population in the prison system although blacks represent only 12% of the American populations.

The prison system is a way of dealing with different social problems our drug policy, our way for dealing with the mentally ill and the homeless. There are problems of overcrowding and under staffing. An improvement of facilities or construction of new prisons has not matched the increased population.

Politically, the presidential candidates for the 2000 election had not had a progressive proposition on the size or conditions of the U.S. prison population. The issue was not a part of the political debate.


Kentucky has been one of the leading states to open a newly constructed mental health unit on 9-1-98 at the Kentucky State Reformatory. Mental health programs already in place at the facility supplement the unit. The facility allows the Department of Corrections to do something unique compared to other correctional systems in the country. CPTU houses inmates who were previously classified to segregation units because of their violent nature. Despite their sometimes-disruptive behavior, the system is providing intensive mental health treatment for those individuals without housing them in a segregation unit.


The Correctional Psychiatric treatment unit is...
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