Kenneth Branagh's and David Tennant's Portrayal of Hamlet's Character: Comparison

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Donnisha Levy
December 5, 2012
English 4
Period 5
Compare/Contrast Hamlet
Thesis Statement: Although Kenneth Branagh and David Tennant are both trying to reach the same goals of creating a film based on Shakespeare's play Hamlet they have different ways of portraying Hamlets character in each scene.

Paragraph 1 :
Compare: David Tennant, who portrays Hamlet, appears to be frightened and curious about the reason why his father’s ghost has appeared. It was easy to see that by the way Hamlets faced had frowned the he was confused about what he should do when he was being asked by his father’s ghost to follow. But you knew that he wanted to see what King Hamlet was trying to show him because there was an immediate follow afterwards. It’s like he wants to follow but then again he thinks it would be a bad idea. The way he responds to the ghost is with a shaky, low tone of voice.

Contrast: David Tennant portrayed Hamlet to be more afraid about what was going on. By him talking in a low voice the entire time and not showing any type of anger made him seem more concerned, showing a more sympathetic side of him. He also had long pauses in between giving hints that he was thinking about his father. The way Tennant reacted toward his father’s murder was in a more compassionate way than he was portrayed in Kenneth Branghs’movie.

Compare: Hamlet not knowing what was going on at the grace site seemed like it was a buildup of curiosity. Hearing from the gravedigger who skull one have belong to Hamlet began to examine it in remembrance of Yorick. Holding the skull closer to his face made it shocking for him to look at not knowing whose skull it was. Talking about all the times the both of them had shared together with Horatio made remember all he knew about Yaric.

Paragraph 2:
Compare: As Kenneth Branagh, who portrays Hamlet, speaks to his father his facial expressions are portrayed to be the same way that David Tennant portrayed them to be as well. He was...
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