Kenndey and King Jr

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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1. What does Hemingway's attitude toward the character of Robert Cohn appear to be? Support your answer with at least two examples from the excerpt. Robert Cohn has a low self esteem. Hemmingway, sees Cohn as a mark and gets other people to do his job.

2. Find an example of "vigorous English" from the excerpt. He took it out in boxing, and he came out of Princeton with painful self-consciousness and the flattened nose, and was married by the first girl who was nice to him.

3. How is Hemingway's love for sports represented in this excerpt? Hemingway incorperates his love for sports into the story by talking about his favorite sports are Football and Boxing .

4. Hemingway was influenced by the "stream of consciousness" style of fellow writer Gertrude Stein. Find an example from the excerpt of how Hemingway incorporated this style into his own. An example of hemingway incorporated his style is “I mistrust all frank and simple people, especially when their stories hold together, and I always had a suspicion that perhaps Robert Cohn had never been middleweight boxing champion, and that perhaps a horse had stepped on his face, or that maybe his mother had been frightened.

5. What is the tone of this excerpt? Do you feel the story will end in a positive or negative way for Robert Cohn? The story will end in a positive or maybe negative way for Robert Cohn. Its up to him to make the choice himself.
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