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Topics: Internal rate of return, Franchising, Rate of return Pages: 13 (3264 words) Published: October 10, 2012
The Ghanda Moo Group of Companies is founded by Mr. Christian Grey in 1993. The Group also includes the core business Ghanda Moo Supermarket, as well as Ghanda Moo Foods, Ghanda Moo Farms. Christian Grey, owner of Ghanda Moo Group of business started with a small business that sells beef and raises cows in 1993. This thought of having that kind of business was triggered when he realized that being a worker in accompany is just a slow way of having a good life. So for him to meet the ends he wanted, he started to have his own business inspired by a book on cow raising given by Kate Kavanagh, a neighbour of him. With his wife, Anastacia Steele, he was able to make the business in a growing state enabling it to expand in much bigger arena of industry. In fact, between 1994 and 2007, a significant increase in sales was achieved by the company enabling Ghanda Moo to hire competent workers and administrative directors. The attitude of Christian Grey is a major factor in the continuous success of the business during those years. He was able to establish a good rapport on them enabling the workers to become efficient and effective on their work and in 1998, the company was named Ghanda Moo. Because of the continuing success of the business it has grown to a bigger one and facilitated to expand into other line of products in 2008. The organizational structure was then expanded because they legalized the papers as a corporation. Positions in the organization were occupied by competent individuals like Grace Robinsons, Ray Johnsons, Henny Smith and company, all of finished in outstanding schools with very good accomplishments. Being a corporation now, the company was able to sell its share to those people who possessed same kind of attitude of Christian Grey. The shareholders were come from the old timers or experienced one coming also within the company prior its incorporation. Christian Grey granted these shareholders to have whatever percentage they want to have since they can pay for it. On the present, the parent company is now called the Ghanda Moo Group, where subsidiaries are focused on various food industries like supermarkets, poultry and others. But Christian Grey and company have this intuition in the future that relates to the growing market competition. The management of the Ghanda Moo Group, specifically the subsidiary Ghanda Moo, wished to achieve certain objectives for them to become the yardstick of the economies existing supermarket in terms of meat and other food selling items since Ghanda Moo was the starter of the local meat industry in the country. The alternative for this is to choose on the three types of franchise activity. I.Time Context

Because of the rapid increase on the competition in the market, Ghanda Moo group of Companies are finding ways to adapt to these changes. In 2008, Mr. Christian Grey approached CoAlBiDeTo mpany, a consulting firm, to advise them in the possible alternatives which Ghanda Moo can enter to help them expand their business. II.Viewpoint

In order to understand the situation of the Ghanda Moo, the SWOT analysis has been used. It examines the internal and external factors affecting the growth of the company andits ability to adapt in its environment. SWOT Analysis is the most reknowed tool for analysis of overall strategic position of the business and its environment. Its key purpose is to identify the strategies that will create a firm specific business model that will best align an organization’s resources and capabilities to the requirements of the environment in which the firm operates, By definition, Strengths and Weaknesses are considered to be internal factors over which an organization may have some measure of control. Also, by definition, Opportunities and Threats are considered to be external factors over which an organization has essentially no control. In other words, it is the foundation for evaluating the internal potentials and limitations and the...
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