Kelly Cartoon Analysis

Topics: Satire, Love, Painting Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Kelly cartoon analysis

by: unknown

Tim Kelly is famous for his creative and imaginative satire cartoons, including a cartoon explaining and comparing how courting was a few decades ago and how courting is in today’s world, which will briefly be analyzed in the following paragraphs:

Kelly’s “courting” cartoon explains how courting was very romantic and intimate a few decades ago; couples would dress up nicely, have a walk in the park, share sodas, etc. The image shows the viewers how the couple looks at each other with passion and that there is really a lot of love in the air. This image simply projects moods of happiness and contentment. Now where the satirical part attacks is when you see how Kelly describes how courting is today; no love, no emotion, no passion and simply no romance. You can see that this image, opposed to the other one, it is extremely dark, disturbing and just very messy. Tim Kelly shows how in today’s society, “romance” involves in calling women vulgar words, “sucking faces”, listening to heavy medal and or rap, and playing pointless violent video games, which is completely ridiculing the image of teenagers in today’s world because it is ruining the definition of romance, hence the reason why Kelly has a little old man at the bottom of the right picture saying “how romantic” with a very sarcastic face. Another target where Kelly attacks is the way teenagers dress today, women in particular; almost shirtless, wearing a very short skirt, a visible thong, nose piercing and heavy makeup. He attacks this specific topic because to his eyes and just how he describes it in his cartoon, it is simply “slut wear”. And the way teenage girls dress today is simply destroying the beautiful image women once showed a few decades ago, which is where the satire really hits in as well. Another detailed that can be pointed by looking at this image is how much of a lazy society teenagers live in. All they do is sit at home in the dark and play video...
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