Kellogs Case Study

Topics: Breakfast, Nutrition, Eating Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Kellogs case study

1- Why would Kellogg need to move into non-breakfast segment?

There are more multinational players heading towards the breakfast cereal field , competition is become higher (for example with General Mills (its nearest competitor) and this together with the change of lifestyle verified that led to changing eating patterns where people have rising demand for health foods and give less importance to the breakfast skipping it or choosing to eat at work, led that the “key strategy for Kellogg is (…) expanding eating occasions for cereal well beyond breakfast”. Thus, this worry with health launched the creation of Special K (diet cereal to control weight) that was promoted as a twice daily meal substituting the dinner, also there was the creation of “snack for the nibblers to devour in the evening or at night time”. How Kellogg focus on helping children and adolescence use their full potential, improving opportunities for minorities and women, and building stronger communities, it also facilitated the need of enlarged its segments of production and step into new markets like cookie and cracker, vegetarian meat products allowing to satisfy the needs of people beyond the breakfast and performing well in those “areas” that it was supposed to act.

2- Positioning Statement for Kellogg’s new product :
“ Special K is a diet cereal to control weight targeted at urban women from 25 to 44 years that worry with their health and silhouette, it stands out from the competitors as an healthy shape management alternative , a cereal that promises to help lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks , since it was promoted as a twice daily mean plan (eaten in the breakfast and could replacing the dinner) .

1) This frame of reference only exist because nowadays women worry much with their shape and health and so there is the need of something that allow them to be elegant without much “work” ( really they could be in shape if they practice exercise and eat healthy food...
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