Kellogg Company Research Tools

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  • Published : December 20, 2010
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Kellogg Company Research Tools
Beth Darago, Carole Firth, Chandra Pinkney
University of Phoenix
Marketing Research – MKT441
August 17, 2009

Kellogg Company Research Tools
Introducing a new product into the market can be a very challenging process for organizations with competing businesses of the same target market. In order to understand consumer needs, purchasing behavior, and market niche, product and consumer analysis is studied in many forms of research. Introducing a new product allows a company many ways to understand consumers and to identify a variety of marketing opportunities. As Kellogg Company introduces a new nutrition cereal bar into a market of high powerful brand products, the company must first raise the interest of consumers already associated with the brand itself.

Kellogg Company understands that consumers are moving towards a trendier way of eating breakfast that consists of on the go consumption such as bagels and snack bars. Picking up on this trend, Kellogg acquired Lender's Bagels, the nation's biggest bagel maker, and the cereal giant has also entered the nutrition bar segment with its Nutri-Grain Bar (AllBusiness, 1998). While competitors like Quaker Oats Company and General Mills start to become vulnerable to the change in breakfast consumption, Kellogg performs various studies and research to introduce the nutrition bar into the market and hope to stay ahead of competing trends (Kellogg Company, 2009).

Market research can vary from a simple consumer survey card to more complex as a nationwide survey of sampled participants. With Kellogg introducing the new Kellogg;s Nutrition Cereal Bar, it’s important for the company to use research tools to implement the new product. Kellogg Company will use four research tools that will work best as the company introduces a new product. Included are primary research, secondary research, qualitative ethnographic research and in-store...
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