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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Phase 1
Company’s Market Planning

Colorado Technical University
MKT210-1301B-07 Fundamentals of Marketing
Lou Piermatteo
February 25, 2013

Frosted Mini-Wheat’s
The product I have chosen is Frosted mini-wheat. Frosted mini-wheat is one of the number one products of breakfast food. Frosted mini-wheat was first launched on the east coast in 1961. In 1961 Frosted mini-wheat’s was nationally debuted making mornings shine from sea to shining sea. Frosted mini-wheat is made of whole-grain fiber to keep you at your best all morning long. We will be discussing the market strategy and mission goals of Kellogg’s frosted mini-wheat. Kellogg’s and frosted mini wheat’s take pride in helping people stay healthy and in fit. Company’s Mission Statement Frosted mini-wheat’s mission statement or jingle is “ Keeps’em full and focused” (Kellogg’s 2012).Frosted mini-wheat’s is a big breakfast in a little biscuit. Kellogg’s believes that every morning should start with a healthy breakfast. Kellogg’s frosted mini-wheat’s has commercials all over the television today. They are ranked number 17 in television advertising. Frosted mini-wheat’s is one of the top cereal marketers; they market directly to the parent’s and not the children. The television commercial’s target children to get them to eat a more healthy breakfast to get their day started. Kellogg’s frosted mini-wheat’s is packed with fiber and almost a full days’ worth of gains to keep you full all morning(Kellogg’s 2012). Kellogg is a Global Company Committed to Building Long-Term Growth In Volume and Profit and to Enhancing its Worldwide Leadership Position by Providing Nutritious Food Products of Superior Value Company’s Business and Marketing objective and goals

Kellogg’s is focused on enriching and delighting the world though foods and brands that matter. They are nourishing families so they...
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