Keith Haring

Topics: United States, Gulf War, 2003 invasion of Iraq Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Keith Haring
Looking at different drawings form various artists make me realize that even though they are so different, they have a lot in common. They think differently, but both produce incredible art works. Keith Haring is and was an excellent artist with a clear vision of each of his paintings and a magnificent result. His art works have always been cartoon with a touch of his own style and his own ideas. Keith Haring subjects of his work varied, but they mainly consisted of emotions about birth, death, sex and war, Keith Haring started to get recognized after people saw his street art in the subways, but then he later moved around the world and he ended up with more than 50 pieces of art around dozens of countries. Keith Haring was openly gay and was a strong advocate of safe sex however, in 1988, Haring was diagnosed with AIDS. He established the Keith Haring Foundation in 1989, its mandate being to provide funding and imagery to AIDS organizations and children's programs like kinder stern, and to expand the audience for Haring’s work through exhibitions, publications and the licensing of his images. Haring enlisted his imagery during the last years of his life to speak about his own illness and generate activism and awareness about AIDS. A lot of harigs work might have been about war and sex was because during his times there was the Vietnam war that was going on, and just 2 months after his death the gulf war in Iraq started, also the reason he chose sex in his art was because i think that it was his aids that contributed to the fact that he was able to draw so passionately about something like sex .Todd Marronne uses some artistic techniques like Haring, for example the use of the thick black marker is used in every single one of his paintings, also the paint is of the same type of paint that creates that cartoony, but deep effect that both artist always use. In my own point of view I see Keith Haring as an artist that puts the events of his life into...
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