Keeping the Peace in Your Home

Topics: Marriage, Family Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: June 9, 2012
Keeping the Peace
In Daniel Sugarman’s essay, “Seven Ways to Keep the Peace at Home,” he discusses how living together in close quarters, family members must cope with each other’s moods, problems, worries, and pressures. However, Sugarman speaks about several suggestions for diffusing tense situations at home, but the following helped me: tell it like you feel it, make blueprints flexible, and to abdicate old emotions. First of all, being sincere with your family and friends leaves no room for error. For example, my uncle’s wife’s sister was getting married to a police officer that lived in Florida. In addition, my wife and I were cordially invited to attend, because the couple needed a camera man to film the wedding. My uncle’s-in-laws heard through some other people who know of me that I was pretty handy with the video cameras. So, before I agreed to attend, I asked my wife specifically. “Would you like to attend my uncle’s wife sister’s wedding?” She replied, “No, I do not wish to attend, but I would go to show support!” I was offered fifty dollars an hour for my services and free food. Nevertheless, on the day of the wedding, my wife cut her right index finger deeply with a steak knife because I was rushing her to hurry. This was Anita’s opportunity not to attend without hurting my feelings. Luckily, we managed to control the bleeding with direct pressure and a Band Aid. As a result, she did not go to the wedding because of an injury. Another way to keep the peace in your home is to make your children goals obtainable. According to Sugarman, “almost all parents have a secret master plan for their children.” For some parents, having their child marry a rich person is included in their upbringing. For the hard working American parent, stability is achieved prior to creating a family. For instance, before my children were conceived, they were expected to play sports in high school and attend college without babies until it is completed. Recently,...
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