Keeping Her Nose in Front

Topics: Australian Labor Party, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Keeping Her Nose In Front, a cartoon by Bill Leak, Highlights the constant web of lies that spiral with Julia Gillard. Through the exaggeration, symbolism and caricature, the artist attempts to provoke an amused response from readers regarding serious problems. This is encouraged to understand the lies that came from our Prime Minister. The artist represents leadership issues in Australian politics in a humorous manner. He weaves the intertextuality with the story of Pinocchio. Ultimately, readers are positioned to worry about what promise will be broken next in this effective political cartoon.

The people that are portrayed in Keeping Her Nose In Front are Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd both being dressed as Pinocchio. The artist is trying to convey a negative effect on this cartoon saying that everything they promise is just a lie, in the foreground you see Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard both being dressed as Pinocchio and each frame one of the politicians says something, “THERE WILL BE NO CARBON TAX, THERE WILL BE NO LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE and THERE WILL BE POKIE REFORMS “and just like the story of Pinocchio each time he tells a lie his nose will grow and that is what happened in this cartoon.

The tone of the picture is serious, talking about the leadership proposition that Julia and Kevin both stated but didn’t keep to their word. Taking a clever approach to this cartoon, the author is mixing caricature and serious issues with Julia and Kevin with the carbon tax and as well as the leadership challenge. Bill Leaks is trying to poke fun of these politics by resembling them to Pinocchio. The Author positions the audience to question what these two powerful people might say and if so will it either have a positive impact or maybe a negative impact to the Australian public.

From my personal view, I think that the labour party, (specifically Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard) need to stop spinning intricate lies Throughout their own party, because this is akin to...
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