Keeping an Open Mind Allows for Growth.

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  • Published : August 4, 2008
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This term I took history. It has always been one of my favorite classes; history makes me feel knowledgeable, like I’m the only one who understands the world around me. It taught me understand why there are so many wars in the Middle East and why there is still mistrust between Russia and the United States but I never thought it would teach me to keep an open mind.

Before I started the course, I firmly believed that all Americans were ignorant and self-absorbent. To me, they take too much pride in their countries successes and not enough in other countries! It seems as though they take too much credit in defeating Germany in World War one when they did not join until 1917. Do they realize how much Canada did in that war, or any other county for that matter? The Americans also seem to pride themselves on their knowledge. However, after watching say Leno or this hour has 22 minutes it boggles the mind on how much some of them don’t know. For instance when an American girl thinks that DC stands for “Da Capital” instead of District of Columbia, it doesn’t make me laugh, I feel sorry for her. It’s even worse when well-educated adults believe their neighbor to the South is Canada. This makes me incredibly worried to think people like them are running the most powerful country in the world. It makes one wonder why it just doesn’t blow up.

However, after taking history, my mind has opened up to be more understanding of our neighbors up North. Pardon me... our neighbors down South. Perhaps they did not play a big part in World War One but they did contribute greatly to the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War Two. They supported Western Europe after the war and helped settle disputes in the Middle East. The United States has and still is contributing much to their country and the world’s well fare. Perhaps pride themselves on their great country, despite some faults.

Maybe some do think the UK is the Magic Kingdom or maybe not all have memorized their presidents,...
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