Keep a Positive Mindset

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Keep a Positive Attitude!!
Keep your foot [give your mind to what you are doing]
When you go to the house of GOD. For to draw near to hear and obey is better then to give the sacrifice of fools (carelessly, irreverently) too ignorant to know that they are doing evil. ECCLESIATES 5:1

People who take a positive attitude and say, “ I can do it. I am going to do it right now. It is no problem. Everything will work out fine,” are wonderful to be around and work with because they tackle things and get them done. If you put off something you should have done already, it will start to threaten you with fear. Don’t allow an assignment to get out of proportion in your mind. Keep your mind on what you set out to do today. If you get interrupted, make yourself come back to that task and finish it up. Nothing is so hard that you can’t handle it, if you will keep a positive attitude and it God’s way.

You are absolutely Fabulous, loving, creative, very smart, BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT, encouraging , loyal, daring, courageous, humble, full of faith, accepting to others, giving and there are so many wonderful and unique things about you. Life is not always easy, and we ( you, everyone.) wants things they do not have. Where you are in your life, is where you are ment to be, because your choices lead you, if you do not like something, then you must first PRAY then change it. ( circumstance) But you are open to change and wanting to be better. You do follow The LORDS leading. At times you get lost, but everyone does. Your past is why you are the person you are. There are a MILLION GOOD THINGS , but sadly there are a few dark shadows that haunt you. We all suffer from negative talk, but you have self-esstem issues. You doubt yourself, you talk down to yourself and you believe everyone is better then you at times. You follow your emotions more then you should. Its okay to have them but you need to be a RULER OF THEM and USE SELF CONTROL TO CHANGE THINGS YOU HAVE THE POWER...
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