Keep Marijuana Illegal

Topics: Hashish, Cannabis, Law Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: March 4, 2013
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Marijuana Should NOT Be Legalized
Have you ever thought how your parents would feel if they found out that their straight ‘A’ student smokes weed? Marijuana is a gateway drug that you always hear people saying “I just want to try it once,” but what happens when it turns into a hobby? According to Healthy Place, about 10% of the users in America will go on to use weed every day, and 7-10% of the users become dependent. Marijuana shouldn’t be legalized for any reason. Weed is a distraction from school, work, and life. Weed can cause heart disease. Weed can cause lung disease. Weed can cause seizure disorders. According to CNN, if Marijuana were legalized, the price of it would be decreased and the use would rise dramatically. It would become easier for kids to get a hold of, causing them to have a higher risk of getting in trouble. One may start to smoke every once in a while with some friends just for fun, then start to do it at least once a week, then every day, and then to the point where they can’t go a day without it. When feeling stressed, they smoke weed just to feel at ease. The high goes away after a couple hours, then what? Does one just do it again? CNN states that the potency is not the same as it was 15 years ago, and since has tripled. The increase in potency has played a role in causing one out of six kids who started to smoke marijuana in their teens become addicted, have a direct loss in IQ, car crashes, and mental illnesses. There is also a chance that Marijuana could cause negative long-term effects to your body. According to Narconon International, smoking marijuana can cause dullness, slow moving, and inattentiveness, known as “burnout.” Burnout occurs when young people smoke a lot of weed over long periods of time. When people are “burned out,” they seem to become emotionless, and nothing seems to really bother them. They become very unaware of their surroundings, which can cause negative effects on their...
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