Keely and Du Summary

Topics: Pregnancy, Marriage, Abortion Pages: 5 (1445 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Keely and Du:
* 65 year old nurse who takes care of Keely in a house basement. * Is married to an army husband and had 3 kids with him, but he lost her only daughter when she was just a baby. * Keely replaces almost the daughter she wishes she had.

* Pastor in his fifties who belongs to a Christian pro-life group. * Blunt spoken ( franco, directo )
Keely- Young woman who is in her early thirties and got raped by her ex-husband living her pregnant. Cole- Keely ex-husband who has drinking problems.
Prison Guards-
Orderlies-a male hospital attendant
Plot Summary:
* The play starts with a kidnapping
* A Christian pro-life group kidnapped a pregnant woman named Keely drugging her with a anesthetic for not to harm the baby * They believe they are making the work for God
* They locked them on a unfinished basement in a working class home in Providence R.I * They kidnapped her because their organization believes that abortion is fundamentally wrong and goes to great lengths to make sure women keep their babies or give them for adoption. * Keely does not want to have her baby because she conceived it against her will * Du handcuff Keely to the bed so she couldn’t escape

* Keely freak out when she saw she was handcuffed and starts to cry of frustration * Keely takes care of her paralyzed father due to a shot he received during a drug bust. ( COP) * Has two jobs

* Keely was almost three month pregnant
* Walter pretends to have Keely in the basement for five months and let her go when she is in her seven month of pregnancy, for it be too late to her to have a legal abortion * Walter: “I am a member Keely , of Operation Retrieval. We are a group of like-minded Christians motivated by a belief in the sanctity of life and the rights of unborn children. * Walter saw Keely decision bad in God eyes, but not was the cruelty he was doing to her * Walter was violating a person rights

* Walter was crazy and obsessed ( He was “insufferable” about it) * Walter wants to persuade Keely in having the baby by giving her books, magazines, articles etc. * Walter will always think the same and will not change his mind * Keely is one of four young women, geographically distributed seeking for abortion* * Walter choose Keely as a rape victim because rape has always been understood as the extreme edge of abortion policy * Keely tells Walter and Du she would put them in prison

* Walter responds her “We are both prepared for that spiritually and practically.” * The abortion procedure Keely was looking was called Suction Curettage * A powerful suction tube is inserted through the cervix into the womb. In which the baby body and the placenta are torn to pieces and sucked into a jar and the baby head is crushed and then extracted. * Du feels sorry they have choose Keely

* After abortion there are frightening emotional side effects like serious depression, terrible guilt, mental illness and self-destructiveness.** * Du was always seeking conversation with Keely but, Keely does not answer or talk to her. * Du tells Keely to grow up and talk to her

* Keely talks to her and tells how she was feeling and what her husband did to her * Keely believes she can’t take care of her dad and handle he added responsibility of raising a child * Keely start suffering nightmares and cried for everything after being abused by her husband * Keely hates her baby inside her , she says she would hurt him or throw it * Du tells what Cole did was an act of an animal

* As Du, takes care of Keely the two develop an unexpected bond. * Walter tells Keely if she has to choose between her and the baby he would have choose the baby to protect it * Du seventieth (70) husband was injured and...
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