Kbsr vs Kssr

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  • Published : July 16, 2013
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* EDUCATIONAL EMPHASESWORD LIST ASSESSMENT SKILLS INVOLVED ROLE OE TEACHER CURICULUM ORGANIZATION FRAMEWORK OBJECTIVES AIMS 2. ELEMENTS * The English Language for primary school aims to Curriculum for Primary equip pupils with skills and Schools aims to equip pupils provide a basic with basic language skills understanding of the to enable them to English language so that communicate effectively they are able to in a variety of contexts that’s communicate, both appropriate to the orally and in writing, in pupils’ level of and out of school. development.The English language syllabus 3. AIMS KBSR KSSR * 4. OBJECTIVES KBSR KSSR i. communicate with peers and adultsi) listen to and understand simple spoken confidently and appropriately in formal English to be able to function in common and informal situations; everyday situations; ii. read and comprehend a range of Englishii) speak and respond clearly and appropriately texts for information and enjoyment; in common everyday situations using simple language; iii. write a range of texts using appropriate language, style and form through aiii) to read and understand different kinds of variety of media; texts (from print and electronic sources) for enjoyment and information; iv. appreciate and demonstrate understanding of English languageiv) write (including e-mail) for different literary or creative works for enjoyment; purposes using simple language; and andv) show an awareness and appreciation of v. use correct and appropriate rules of moral values and love towards the nation. grammar in speech and writing. * 5. SHAPE KBSR KSSR• Communication • Communication• Human and • Spiritual, attitudeenvironment and values• Self development • Humanity • Physical aesthetical development • Science and technology * 6. ORGANIZATION KBSR KSSR• According to each subjects (syllabus / Primary education is divided into twotext books) stages:The language contents are the sound Stage...