Kazakhstan Atomic Energy Position Paper

Topics: Nuclear weapon, United Nations, Chernobyl disaster Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Delegate: Francisco Carrasco
Committee Name: IAEA
Topic: Effects on Atomic Radiation
Country Name: Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has been part of the United Nations for over 21 years, since Kazakhstan gained its independence from the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan has as a goal to overcome and solve the problem of Atomic Radiation with the help of all the delegates present today. Atomic radiation exists due to the use of atomic and nuclear weaponry and the malfunction or disasters in nuclear plants.

The effects of atomic radiation have become a major global concern. One of the most recent disasters due to atomic radiation is the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown. It was the most extensive nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. Radiation release critically contaminated a "dead zone" of several hundred square kilometers around the plant, and low levels of radioactive material were found as far as North America and Europe. But with no doubt, the most astonishing and unfortunate accident, concerning with atomic radiation, is the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl. The atomic radiation released from Chernobyl affected many of cities and towns full with people in Ukraine but this explosion did not stop at the borders of Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia. Instead, the toxic radiation cloud traveled through winds across the globe to as many as 28 other countries. As a result the United Nations must consider how to solve the problem of Atomic Radiation.

That is shy we are gathered here in the United Nations. The situation in Kazakhstan stands that, as Kazakhstan is one of the tops producers of uranium in the world, having 15% of uranium resources and planning on expanding in this market to 2018. With this said Kazakhstan has come to forge some major strategic links with Russia, Japan and China, as well as talking significant share in the international nuclear company Westinghouse. Now as the problem of atomic radiation in Kazakhstan goes, we have been in the presence of the many effects that...
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