Kay Sunderland : Making the Grade at Attain Learning

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Organizational Behavior
Case study 3
Kay Sunderland: Making the grade at Attain learning

The comparison between Sunderland and Morgan’s on the style of management and works This case puts the emphasize on the conflict between Sunderland and Morgan due to the harsh situation which is Sunderland had to deal with Attain’s Content Director, Mike Morgan, and Sunderland’s most important customers Gramen Equipment Company. Morgan, having a Master’s degree from project management, got a background from the small company for the software making and specialized in lean manufacturing training. When it comes to the management style: Morgan loves more chilling, relaxed and entrepreneur surrounding, but not some kind of the bureaucratic way to manage the enterprise, and he leads his team members to follow his own way. He is portrayed as “supporter and partner” and his teams appraise him a lot. Like Sunderland, Morgan went straight to Chama, and is on the same level of the organizational hierarchy as Sunderland whose style of management is depicted as “formal, and efficient, always setting expectations at the outset of a project” she is also criticized for being somewhat inflexible and overly demanding at times. In terms of relations with clients, Sunderland is reportedly “stubborn in the mud” in her notions to achieve exactly what clients really want . However, her experiences still achieve her expertise and confidence for managing massively, high-profit accounts, and she also has a great strategic mindset and provides insightful critiques, suggestions as well. In the other words , Morgan , roll up his sleeves and pitch in whenever needed, would try his level best to protect and guide his own teams and subordinates in terms of being criticized for their works or be misunderstood by the seniors ; on the flipside, Sunderland is not afraid to speak her mind . She really pushes the entrepreneur to the best products for their clients. However, the downside of her efficiency model is that she is somehow over-persuading her team and without the elasticity for the missions for the clients. Sources of power

The conventional definitions of “Sources of power “ are concerning about deductive logic thinking , the ways of analyzing theories and situations. Morgan, having master degree in management, experience from 3years at a star-up firm which created training software , and as a project manager for 7 years for specializing in lean manufacturing training system , has the abilities to deal with the amount of the difficulties from being the sole content development director in the company. On the other hand, Sunderland, used to be in the position of assistant account executive and joined IBM Solutions as an account executive in their health care and life sciences industrious, has tremendous experiences for building not only her expertise and confidence in managing large, high profit account but her specialists on both business and strategy-making. Hers experience at IBM had been one of well-defined, formal reporting roles and micromanagement.

Conflicting between two managers

Gramen Equipment is a $3 billion manufacturer and landscaping gears marketer. Attain CEO Nicholas devoted himself on an initial training contract (emphasize on improving the financial sensitiveness of unfinancial employees and managers at Gramen) with Gramen’s first Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Juan Nunez, in 2009. Nicholas and COO Chama expected to the possible improvement chances of extend training at Gramen regarding the success of the initial program, assigned to Account Director Kay Sunderland. As far as Morgan’s first concerns for Gramen’s training program (relating utilize a Gramen acquisition as a case study) was nixed by Nunez, who was adamant that training focused on Gramen’s two top priorities for 2011: increasing inventory turnover and capital utilization. Morgan and his team even spent next two weeks for achieving their new...
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