Katrina the Eye Opener

Topics: New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Katrina the eye opener
Help! That word help was running from many lips when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. Help, was the very thing that many people in New Orleans needed, but didn’t receive. In the graphic novel “Dark Rain” Mat Johnson’s illustrate the events that happen to those individual in such a way that makes the reader understand the stories that many had endure. However, even though the graphic novel “Dark Rain” may pock fun at some of the situation that happened during Hurricane Katrina, the graphic novel is really compatible to stories told by individuals that live through Hurricane Katrina. In “Dark Rain” on page 65 frame four, Simon Gane shows how compacted and hectic the Convention Center was and how horrible the conduction there were. His depiction of the Convention Center was spot on with the description Tom Piazza a native New Orleansen writes about the Convention Center in his piece titled “From Why New Orleans Matters”. Tom Piazza writes, “ …the preparations were inadequate and quickly overwhelmed; at the Convention Center, they were nonexistent. Corpses of neighbors, friends, family members, black and white, were scattered on sidewalks; people had no sanitary facilities, no medical car, and the weakest were easy pickings for the predators among them.” This sense is something that has American fight to prevent. We even go to other countries to try to prevent them from going through events like Katrina. So why is it happening here, did the government local and feudal have a plan, and were where the government assents? The government assent was far and scares. For example, Tom Piazza examples how it took the days to even bring buses out there to help move individual from New Orleans to one of the surrounding states. It took brave individual in the community to ban together to help reuse people in danger. In “From Why New Orleans Matters” the author writes, “Sheriff Harry Lee of neighboring...
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