Kathoey: Transgender and Thai

Topics: Transgender, Gender, Culture of Thailand Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: March 23, 2008
Robert Wilson
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the large number of Transsexuals found in Thailand. Central Idea: There is a growning number of transsexuals living in Thailand and the Thai are comfortable with it, which is not the norm in the west, these transsexuals play a part in many aspects of Thailand's culture and society Method of Organization: Topical

I. Introduction
A. A little girl, Miss Moon, was once given a crushed paper flower by a passing man of magic. He told her that if she took care of it it would grow into a beautiful tree of blossoms. She planted it and took care of it for years, ignoring the villagers who laughed at her telling her that her flower was just made of paper. And yet nothing happened. Some years later she woke up to find that the flower had grown into the most beautiful tree imaginable: full of sweet blossom. Everyone from miles around came to admire it. But some villagers still laughed, saying that it was just a paper tree, and wasn’t real at all. The young girl smiled, answering that she knew it was not real, but she didn’t care, for her tree was the most beautiful tree that she had ever seen. (Old Thai folk story) (Martin)

B. Though the tree was not as it seemed, the Thai still admired it for what it was. The Thai also have an aspect of their culture that is definitely not what it seems.
C. Halfway around the world, Thailand is home to quite a bit of the world's population of Transexuals, hermaphrodites, and transvestites, over 3 million of them. (Winter)
D. Over there, it is quite normal to see a few here and there, as opposed to us in the west, where seeing one is similar to seeing bigfoot.
E. I am about to take you into the world of Thailand's transexuals, where I shall inform you about transexuals and transvestites in Thai society, how they are viewed in society, how they function in society, and the role they play in Thailand's culture. II . The Kathoey

A. In Thai...
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