Katherine Mansfield - the Lady’s Maid

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Katherine Mansfield - The Lady’s Maid


You are about to read a short story written by the New Zealand author Katherine Mansfield. Katherine Mansfield is very famous in New Zealand, but as a student in The Netherlands is is very likely you never heard of her before. That’s why we ask you to find more information about Katherine Mansfield (library, internet) and answer the following questions. Write down the source of your information (website/booktitle including author + page(s) along with your answer to the question.

1. Where was Katherine Mansfield born?

2. When did she live (date of birth and death)?

3. Katherine Mansfield lived in a few countries. Which ones? New Zealand – England – Germany - France (she died in France)

4. Name at least five other short stories Katherine Mansfield has written. The Woman At The Store (1912)
How Pearl Button Was Kidnapped (1912)
Millie (1913)
Something Childish But Very Natural (1914)
The Little Governess (1915)
Pictures (1917)
Feuille d'Album (1917)
A Dill Pickle (1917)
Je ne parle pas français (1917)
Prelude (1918)
An Indiscreet Journey (1920)
Bliss (1920)
Miss Brill (1920)
Psychology (1920)
Sun and Moon (1920)
The Wind Blows (1920)
Mr Reginald Peacock's Day (1920)
Marriage à la Mode (1921)
The Voyage (1921)
Her First Ball (1921)
Mr and Mrs Dove (1921)
Life of Ma Parker (1921)
The Daughters of the Late Colonel (1921)
The Stranger (1921)
The Man Without a Temperament (1921)
At The Bay (1922)
The Fly (1922)
The Garden Party (1922)
A Cup of Tea (1922)
The Doll's House (1922)
A Married Man's Story (1923)
The Canary (1923)
The Singing Lesson

5. Katherine Mansfield suffered a disease during her life, which also is mentioned in the story The Lady’s Maid. Which disease are we talking about? Eventually Katherine Mansfield died of the complications. tuberculosis (http://www.answers.com/topic/katherine-mansfield) In the story it’s called consumption.

6. Katherine Mansfield is a pen-name for …….
Katherine Mansfield served as the pen-name for Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp (http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G2-3404704178.html)

7. BONUS QUESTION: Name a theme in her work
• the theme of the hierarchy of class distinctions that restricted upbringings such as hers (http://www.answers.com/topic/katherine-mansfield) • loneliness (http://oldpoetry.com/opoem/1257-Katherine-Mansfield-Loneliness) • death ( (http://www.answers.com/topic/katherine-mansfield) • her belief in the restorative and uplifting power of nature (http://www.pref.fukushima.jp/kokusai/non_contents/find-new/info-nz2.html)


o'clock. A knock at the door...I hope I haven't disturbed you, madam. You weren't asleep--were you? I just gave my lady a cup of tea. A cup was left. I thought, perhaps you would like some tea.”

My lady drinks her tea in bed after her prayers. I put the kettle on and my lady says her prayers on her knees. She keeps a list of names of people in a little red book. For all these people she says her prayers. When we meet een new person, she asks me to get her little red book to add a new name to the list.

She will not use a cushion. She kneels on the hard carpet. I have tried to cheat her. I have spread out the eiderdown.2) But she didn’t want it.

“Did our Lord have an eiderdown, Ellen?” she said. I was younger then. I answered: “No, but our Lord was not your age and he didn’t know what it was to have a backpain like you.

I tuck her up. When I see her lying in her bed, she is just like her mother when I laid her out!3)

...Yes, madam, I had to do...
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