Kate Cooper Case

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Communication, Management Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Green Meadows Hospital is newly constructed community hospital owned by Southern Hospitals Corporation. Kate Cooper was very excited when she got a new position at Green Meadows as a Manager of Adult Services. They started hiring people and were getting ready to open the hospital. However, things did not go well as they planned and wanted to. Therefore, Kate had to resign. The biggest problem that I see in this was their unorganized management skills and communications skills. They should have more prepared since they were new hospital and related to people’s lives but from the beginning, it seemed like they did not think that it was a big of deal and just went it the flow.

Communications at Green Meadows Hospital is more likely one way communication. It started out with 2 way communication model somehow, but it ended up having just one way communication model. At first, Alan seemed like he understood Kate’s situation and encouraged her with her getting higher education and seemed like he was going to be a strong supporter. However, it didn’t really work out. It was always him giving her too much work when even she told him that she does not think that she can handle all the responsibilities and works due to her duties and school. Also, There were never really clear communication or/and understanding among Doug, Alan, and Kate.

2 way communication model would have fixed their problems. Even though one way communication is a lot easier and faster, using 2 way communication is more accurate, can make fewer mistakes, and will have fewer problems. They could have asked questions to each other, talk about concerns, and even make suggestions or modifications if they needed to. That would have helped them to understand each other, information that they should know about, and what is being communicated. This could have help them to share information effectively and the team could have performed better.

I would have to say that Doug and Alan both have the...
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