Kate Chopin

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Joseph Timbang
English Comp 2
18 Feb 2013
The Remarkable Immoral Kate Chopin
Authors in the nineteenth century were descriptive and wrote for a cause, but the content of each story was relatable. A writer does not just think of a story that is automatically deep and rich in thought; he or she needs to become the character of the story. Kate Chopin modeled her female characters as strong, independent women much like herself. She wrote as if each story was an autobiography about different lives she wanted to live. Chopin could not judge the characters she wrote about, for she would, in turn, be judging herself. Chopin was born 8 February 1851 (Ewell, para.1). She was the daughter of immigrant parents, and her family was considered social elite, allowing her to live fairly easily. Early in her life her father died and left the family in the hands of the women. Through the years she became numb to death after losing many family members to war. Her brother was killed in the Civil War, but instead of breaking down she stood strong and earned the reputation as the “Little Rebel” (“Biography of Kate Chopin,” para.3). Later in life she got married to a successful businessman and have six children. Her husband would die, and she would carry on the tradition of her family’s wives to be widows, and she handled her husband’s business. A year later, she would gave up the business go to live with her mother; her mother died a year later (Wyatt, pars. 6-7). Kate’s rough upbringing during the Civil War and loss of family members through her years gave her inspiration to write. Her husband Oscar suggested that she wrote as a way of “Expressing her anger and disappointment with life” (“Kate Chopin: A Woman Ahead of Her Time,” para. 3). Chopin’s characters were unlike anything any other author was talking about. She wrote about independent, strong women, who were not spoken about much during that time period. Characters like Calixta and Alcée from “The Storm” were characters...
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