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  • Published : April 5, 2015
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Pablo, Carlo Rayniel R. KASPIL2 EJ
11022329Sir Jose Victor Torres
Quiz 1
1.Discuss the similarities and differences between the historical methodologies of Renato Constantino and Reynaldo Ileto. It is not related to any religious beliefs.
The similarity between Constantino’s and Ileto’s methodology is that they both believed in the idea that Filipino history should also be focused upon the common people. Constantino believed that one of the biggest mistakes committed by historians is that they tend to highlight and let the Filipino History revolve around the great or famous men and the colonizers. Constantino believed that history should be rewritten as a struggle of the people towards freedom and liberty. Ileto had a similar belief of “a history from below” which recognizes the role of the lower social class in participating and molding the Filipino history and culture.

On the other hand, Ileto believes that such historians such as Agoncillo and Constantino belong to the same tradition of “ilustrado nationalists” who relegate the masses in their writings to the background. Ileto believes that Constantino’s writings conveyed that portrayal of the masses as passive individuals who needed the ilustrados to vocalize their sentiments. Constatino’s writings display how the Katipuneros’ fight for political independence during the Spanish colonization was valiant. Ileto disagrees with this as Constatino’s writings may have caused a larger gap in the social classes barring the recognition of the masses. 2.Give our definition of history as worked out in the class then discuss its importance by giving significance in the present times. Cite examples of its use today.

During class discussions, history was defined to be a recreation of the past and a study of believes, practices, institutions, desires and influences of human beings. One of the best ways to understand who and how the Filipino culture came about is by studying its past. History also...
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