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Class 9 Science MCQ
|[pic] |Features: | |Multiple Choice Questions are the integral part of |The whole syllabus covered : | |our education system. Almost all the Entrance Test |All 15 Chapters from Term-1 and Term-2 are included. | |Exams have MCQ Papers and even students of primary |There are total 60 Multiple Choice Questions from each Chapter and these are divided | |classes have MCQ in their syllabus.  Central Board |equally in four difficulty levels. | |of secondary education has made it compulsory to set|Thus each chapter has four levels and each level has 15 questions. | |around 25% questions as MCQ type in CBSE affiliated |On every correct response, you will get 4 marks and 1 mark will be deducted for incorrect| |schools. The latest CCE pattern also emphasis on MCQ|response. | |based evaluation along with subjective assessment. |You can review your answers at the end of the test. The result will be displayed | |We have designed NCERT Based Chapter-wise MCQ Papers|instantly on the computer screen. | |for class 9 Scince CBSE students. |Taking Test : | | |You can open the software using Desktop...

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